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December 3rd, 2010

ks_claw @ 05:42 am: Keep having dreams about dad coming back. Not in a horrible way like I had a few times after he died (in one he was a zombie and I had to bash his head in, and in another I had to drag him the best I could to escape from hostile martians), but... they make it seem as if he's just out on a trip or is stationed somewhere. Last night I had a dream where he'd come back from somewhere and was looking for a job he could do during the week, while having another one on weekends.

I am so tired of crying, but I can't help it

August 11th, 2010

caelum @ 09:42 am: So...
Last night I dreamed I lived in a loft apartment above a book/art store run by Willy Wonka, and next door there was a theater that dealt exclusively in Broaday-style musical plays and college classes based on the TV series Psyche.

... I don't even watch Psych...

Current Music: though that loft apartment was pretty sweet (ha)

July 27th, 2010

ks_claw @ 05:19 am: Just felt like getting this one down before I forget it.

Had another of those dreams that involved my dad somehow (for those who don't know, he passed away back in February).

It was.. some kind of dragon/my little pony/some kind of Disney thing going on. There was this evil sorceress in the form of a large red dragon who wanted a special purple crystal that could create different things of some kind. She had these little blob/lizard minion things, and one of them found the jewel in some kind of magic pool. The same place where earlier, some MLPs had found it and brought it to... whoever was leader at the time. I don't think we really saw whoever was supposed to be leader of the good guys.

Peter Pan was there and he was somehow older and talking about marrying Wendy (yeah I dunno). I do know things were a mess because there was only supposed to be one stone, so to suddenly have two show up (with a third lurking somewhere) was really messing things up.

And then the evil sorceress did something with her crystal that sent me home somehow. And it turns out she had made it so it was like "The War of the Worlds", with martians attacking.. Yet it was also like how one of the characters had said things could end up. Trained humans so they would catch other humans. For the most, I remember people chasing other people with barking and snarling dogs.

I ran to hide in some ruins.. And there I saw dad. He was lying on the ground, just like the last day I remember seeing him, except he was wearing his officers hat (which he had to give back to the Navy when he retired) and his hands were sprawled out instead of resting over his chest or down his sides. I knew I couldn't take him with me, so I took the jackets from some dead soldiers and started to cover him, when he opened his eyes. He was.. alive somehow, but his eyes were glassy like that of a dead person. Like you see in zombie films sometimes.

But he recognized me and wasn't hostile, but he was also very weak (again, just like in his last months of living). I had to help him up into a wheelchair, just desperate to get him to safety.. And yet on the way, there were so many that needed help, mostly children. One was this little boy with support-things on his legs, like Forrest Gump when he was little, that I remember grabbing because the poor kid kept slipping. Dad held him, letting him sit in his lap while I worked on getting us home.

And then we were swarmed by a panicky crowd. Last I remember before waking up was me losing control over the wheelchair and dad falling to the ground with that godawful coughing of his. Ugh.

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June 18th, 2010

ks_claw @ 06:07 pm: Came home from work, went and took a minor nap and had a weird dream

Some OC characters of mine, Kai and Lee were children and were shown by some random guy how easter chocolate (in the form of chicklets and eggs) were made. Eggs were taken from some very annoyed chickens, chicklets were made in these giant shells that were filled with chocolate and then just poured out chocolate chicklets. And then some fucktard had to pick a chocolate chicklet from the bottom of a pile and started a chocolate avalanche.

Last I remember is the moron getting buried under a mountain of half-melted chocolate, eggs and chicklets and then I woke up.

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May 25th, 2010

birdzilla @ 11:05 am: I keep meaning to write this up.
I had a dream the other night that I was (really) a vampire. However, while I had fangs and could drink blood (I have the impression that I needed a little bit every so often to survive), my primary craving was for oranges. I explained it several times over to people in the dream that whatever a vampire first consumed when they were "born" was what they ended up craving throughout their life--one of my vampire compatriots was a guy whose primary craving was for oven-baked chicken breast. The entire dream was taken up with my search for the perfect mandarin oranges, which mostly involved a lot of reassuring people that I didn't want to bite them, I only wanted to raid their fruit bowl.

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March 6th, 2010

cheesentoast @ 11:36 am: I Have No Idea
In a mine shaft with a group of people. Not mine shaft. Basement of the house in Spokane. Water is coming. Not rising, a rapid rush, will fill the whole area. We’re mice, climbing the stairs is difficult. I’m bringing up the rear with two others. They’re scientists? Everyone else is out. We three are blocking the entrance so the water doesn’t get out to fill the whole camp. There way is already mostly blocked. A grating across the entrance that we mice people can easily slip through blocked with boards, but there’s a gap at the bottom where everyone else has gone. We stuff a human sized pillow in the bottom gap. It’s hard to move, bulky and yielding at the same time. Easily three sizes taller than we are. We succeed. The gap is blacked. The rest of our party is calling us to hurry, to get out. We climb easily over the board and grating, slip out through the top. Much congratulations. We are sitting at picnic tables right outside the entrance of the cave. Relaxed, safe. Dimly we become aware that the ocean is coming in and coming in fast. The camp is still in danger. It’s a huge storm that will flood everything. We’re aware, but continue to sit.

Then we hear noise from inside the cave mouth. There was another party behind us, still trapped with the rushing water. They are human sized and easily crash through our barricade. They are safe, but now the water is rushing out right after them, the camp trapped between the two dangers. I run.

Now human sized. I’m running through the trucks and cars parked at the edge of the camp. Water is soaking everything, turning it into mud. I can see the angry waves of the sea, coming in fast, the waters from the burst mine coming in behind me. I see my uncle Sam’s red and white truck. There’s a canopy on the bed but the side window is open. I easily swing in the window. As I do so I realize Sam is in the driver’s seat, gesturing to me to do… something. I get in the back of the truck, rapidly closing all the windows so the water can’t get us. Then slip through to the cab of the truck. That’s what Sam was gesturing for, me to get in the cab. He takes off, leaving the flooding camp behind.

We’re in a city, driving through the commercial district of their down town. I’ve never been here before. We’re safe.

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July 17th, 2009

smthngelemental @ 01:03 am: Glad Work was never this weird...
Ok, so last night I dreamed that I was working at my old job, a call center. And it was really hot in the building, like boiling hot. The air conditioner was broken, or something. And instead of fixing the air conditioning, they decided to just install a shower area so that people could go shower off whenever they got too hot and sweaty. At one point I had to go in there and do that, and it was really awkward because I was naked in the same small (all the showerheads were really close together) space as many of my other female co-workers. There weren't even any privacy curtains.

Later, after the embarrassing shower, I was sitting at my desk taking calls. My feet were up on the desk, I was slouched down in my seat, all comfy-like. And I got a call from this guy who sounded like he was kind of elderly. He told me that he needed some help with his iPod Classic because the battery didn't seem to be working. I noted a bunch of information about it and spent a lot of time reading through articles about the iPod Classic--I realized, rather late through the call, that I couldn't remember any of my training on the iPods for some reason, and really had no idea what to do about fixing the guy's battery. I was too scared and embarrassed to tell him so late though that I had no idea what I was doing. So stubbornly I persisted in reading the articles, determined that I would somehow manage to solve his issue in a matter of seconds. Suddenly, out of nowhere, it hit me that if the guy's battery was running down then there was nothing that could be done to "fix" it, it merely had to be replaced. And just like that, apparently since in my mind I'd figured it out, I woke up and opened my eyes. Dream over. How weird is that?

May 9th, 2009

birdzilla @ 12:10 pm: Last night, I had a dream in which my parents were very awkwardly explaining to me that I wasn't actually my Dad's daughter. In fact, they hadn't married each other until after I was born; all those stories about their courtship and my birth were lies.

The kicker to this was that even in this dream, they couldn't explain why I so much resembled my Dad when I wasn't his child. There was just lots of awkward "hmmm" and "ummm" noises when I asked why I looked more like my Dad than like the very Indian guy that Mom showed me a picture of and claimed was my real father. XD

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May 6th, 2009

cheesentoast @ 05:49 am: Quick Sleepy Jot
I just realized I'd hit the snooze automatically on my alarm because I'd just put my dream toast in the toaster and wanted to go back to sleep to give it time to finish toasting.

March 10th, 2009

tageera @ 03:45 pm: Passover dinner buffet AND a show!
So I dreamt last night that Skillet (my favorite Christian rock/metal band) was coming to MY Church to do a concert.

Before the concert they served the Passover meal, which was buffet-style, and which included at least three different kind of pork entrees, along with sprigs of sour herbs, saltwater, horseradish, and other traditional foods. (Nevermind that Jews aren't allowed to eat pork, and the Passover is a yearly Jewish holiday.)

When Skillet came out on stage, they were dressed in fursuits, which they slowly hopped out of a little at a time during the course of the first song. And I mean hopped literally - they'd pop up in the air and land, and the suit would have fallen down a bit more to reveal more of the band member.

(Yes, they were wearing clothes.)

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